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Chapter 4 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Section 4 - Assignment Example For this to succeed, correspondence must be available as it encourages recognizable proof of objectives, demand making, and critical thinking. Coordinated effort permits common help just as the capacity to share information suitably. The part keeps up that the most significant parts of cooperation incorporate equality, trust, regard, and foundation of shared objectives. We likewise discovered that there are a few correspondence styles that can be utilized and join one-sided, directional, and value-based where value-based strategy is favored since it favors a two route method of correspondence. Nonetheless, there are a few obstructions that influence correspondence and coordinated effort. These incorporate social foundation, sexual orientation, age, interests and encounters. To dispense with these obstructions, both the instructor and the family need to practice solid relational abilities. It is progressively useful to guarantee that both verbal and non-verbal types of correspondence are practiced suitably in order to dispose of the hindrances. The hindrances are answerable for miscommunication. In particular, the educator ought to guarantee that they stay away from handy solutions to specific issues, abstain from limiting emotions by utilizing bogus consolations, and pose the most fitting inquiries. At the point when boundaries rise, critical thinking systems are utilized to fight back. Such methodologies incorporate keeping away from passionate reactions and depending on a stage to step strategy. This procedure consolidates recognizable proof of the issue, age of possible arrangements, assessment of those arrangements, execution of the chose arrangement, and assessment of the arrangement. These means additionally guarantee that a contention is settled in a useful way. There are a few legends thought to decrease miscommunication that incorporate more correspondence being better, correspondence being a characteristic capacity, and open correspondence being viable in taking care of issues. We moreover

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USA vs Canada essays

USA versus Canada papers To a pariah America and Canada can nearly have all the earmarks of being one nation. The inhabitants of these two countries realize this isn't accurate. Canada and the United States are near one another topographically and have various likenesses, yet the distinctions that exist between them give every one of these nations their very own incredible personality. The likenesses that do exist between the two nations are various. The two nations are popularity based industrialist countries whose individuals trust in freedom and opportunity to the exclusion of everything else. The two nations are situated on a similar mainland, North America. The two nations were once British settlements. English is the prevalently communicated in language in the two nations. Most Canadians and Americans have comparative physical appearances. Indeed, numerous Canadians live and work in the United States and are frequently mixed up by Americans to be residents of the United States. Some acclaimed Canadians are William Shatner, Michael J. Fox, Alexander Grahm Bell, Pamela Anderson, Alex Trebec, and Bret The Hitman Hart. The two Canadians and Americans appreciate extravagances that make their lives simpler and all the more energizing. Like the innovations of Americans, Canadian developments are various and can be discovered everywhere throughout the world. B-ball, TV, Trivial Pursuit, the zipper, the phone, stowed milk, and the AM radio are for the most part Canadian in source. Canada is situated toward the North of the United States and is in this way a lot colder. Canada gets significantly more snow than the United States which drives Canadians to play more winter sports, for example, hockey, which is their national leisure activity. Canadas atmosphere is such a great amount of colder than the United States, that numerous Americans live under the feeling that Canadians live in igloos and play hockey throughout the entire year. This is essentially false. While a few Canadians in the far northern compasses of the nation do live in igloos, most Canadians live in houses in urban communities like Americans. Als ... <!

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ALWAYS IN 1787, 1820, 1833, AND 1850, THE NORTH AND THE SOUT essays

Continuously IN 1787, 1820, 1833, AND 1850, THE NORTH AND THE SOUT expositions All through the late 1700s to ahead of schedule to-mid 1800s, with the solidness of the association being often tested over each, once in a while frivolous, difference, some way or another, both the north and south have discovered a shared conviction. However, it was inevitable when all these purported bargains uncovered their real nature as a progression of interwoven, or place of cards, that with each expansion makes it substantially more flimsy. Not until the mid 1860s did the place of cards at last give way and it was very evident that neither the north nor the south had the option to find that visit shared belief. In the late 1700s to mid 1800s, a large portion of the debates were over expenses, land settlement, states rights, and authoritative portrayal, however questionable, these were significantly simpler to manage and settle rather than the servitude issue that would in the end overpower society with the presentation of Eli Whitneys cotton gin in 1794. This accelerated a long time of debate, however luckily, for men like Henry Clay and John Adams, the cards of the Missouri and the 3/5ths trade offs generally hushed the two gatherings on terms of subjugation for the present. These occasions were no more bizarre to occurrences of viciousness, for example, Shays Rebellion, so in local terms, life was not extremely giddy. It was turning out to be obvious that under the outside of mellow sectional conflict there was something more prominent preparing. Keeping up the association was considered as a defend against local group and revolt particularly the years after the Treaty of Ghent of the War of 1812 which brought and solidified a more prominent sentiment of solidarity/patriotism, so individuals would be less adept to attempt to challenge and undermine both the security and steadiness of his/her nation. In this way, it was nothing unexpected that an understanding had been quickly reached. The mid 1800s brought, alongside financial development and patriotism, a flood of social, scholarly, and re... <!

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What Has to be Done About Essay Task 1 Samples Before You Miss Your Chance

What Has to be Done About Essay Task 1 Samples Before You Miss Your Chance Then, the examiner would like to find that the writer sequences information and ideas logically'. The audience for an assignment needs to be evident also. If you're able to do that with complex structures that are great but ensure that your reader can see what you want them to. There are enough individuals espousing the advantages of the online, so here's a brief collection of its limits. Whatever it's you'll be searching for, make sure you share that information with them beforehand. Again, don't forget that the hope here is to clarify just what online learning is very good at and what embodied learning is very good at. Book writing initially can eat up a good deal of your time because you must think, and define plenty of areas where you're going to be working on over the plan of the period. The various forms of essays are 1. These IELTS sample essays are categorised in a manner that makes it simp le for you to observe how certain essay question types ask that you present certain responses to be sure the question is completely answered. A well-crafted thesis statement ascertains the principal focus of the essay and permits the reader to comprehend the goal of your writing. Like every other undertaking, even prosperous essay writing takes a good deal of planning. Paragraphs contain a number of sentence structures. Generally the process diagram includes some technical vocabulary. The diagram illustrates the fundamental essentials of hydroelectric power. Follow our simple strategies and remember the sole thing that could force you to produce bad writing is worrying too much! When you take a look at your research question, there are a number of ideas that spring in your mind, and it's crucial that you note them down. Make sure that you do not hurry up in attempting to complete the outline, it may take up sometime because then an effective outlines saves plenty of time du ring writing. Think of examples of the situations you mention instead of locating a way to explain them. Essay Task 1 Samples and Essay Task 1 Samples - The Perfect Combination Participating in a group procedure can be extremely rewarding for members of the group. Possessing a group of folks attack a project provides several benefits. On top of that, they should stop taking the ready meals containing chemical ingredients, in particular, saccharin. At present, there are more than 6000 languages utilized in 195 distinct nations yet most of individuals are communicating with others from other nations in English. Life, Death, and Essay Task 1 Samples It's obvious there are no limits to the information that could be made available, so long as it can be geographically or spatially positioned on a map. Real-time info or context sensitive info, can be put over physical map layers. The topics aren't very complicated. Initially, you'd be given a particular topic to talk about whi ch would wind up getting a harder interview vogue query. The word may be used to mean professional jobs, including doctors and lawyers, but nevertheless, it may also be put to use as a synonym for jobs'. The procedure demands the building of a massive dam connected to a powerhouse. The chart indicates the proportion of employment in six geographical areas of the world in 2014. The presented maps depict the way to acquire in the city hospital in two decades. What to Expect From Essay Task 1 Samples? Assignment writing can be rather a daunting endeavor for many people. Defining set criteria enable you to compose a paper that stays relevant to its goal. Each paragraph ought to be organised around one key idea. It begins with a new major point that is then explained. Essay Task 1 Samples Ideas The way IELTS Examiners mark or execute the test is identical from nation to nation. You simply have to understand how to write for the test. The test is broken up into three parts. The speaking test happens with an actual examiner and you don't need to record your voice by means of a mike. A superb prep book can be absolutely the most important study tool you use, and we've got information on all the very best TOEFL prep books you need to consider. Learn all the advice you need to understand to be able to ace TOEFL Writing! It may also be beneficial to review other TOEFL writing samples to receive a better idea about what an excellent TOEFL essay appears like. Writing an evaluation essay can look like an intimidating task if you've come across this kind of work for the very first moment. Writing sections, it is extremely crucial for you in the event you write your own words. To improve writing skills it's important to read a whole lot, generally speaking. Don't forget, you're attempting to showcase your English abilities, not win the Pulitzer Prize! Essay Task 1 Samples Can Be Fun for Everyone The question paper would include a total of 3 passages th at are lengthier. There's a general description at the start and end of the answer. There are a few special instructions you need to adhere to that mention in the paper, but what you've got to do in between 40 minutes. You should plan for 5 to ten minutes before you begin to write.

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Big Data For The Us American Film Industry - 1226 Words

Before the advent of the Internet and social media, Hollywood executives were often wandering in the dark when it came to understand in detail what their audiences wanted and how any given film could be marketed to exactly the right audience, thus those parts of the population more inclined to spend money on a certain type of film. With the advancement of technology the tables have, however, turned. The Internet and especially social media have opened up a wealth of options to access information about people’s preferences and interests, often in real-time. As with other industries this treasure trove of ‘big data’ is of great interest to Hollywood (Hadida, 2009), it’s analysis promising to resolve problems that have long been lying at†¦show more content†¦Examples include, for instance, large sets of Twitter messages or data extracted from Wikipedia. In their definition, boyd and Crawford (2012) further include the capacity to ‘to search, agg regate, and cross-reference large data sets’, further noting that big data, besides from its technical aspects, entails a cultural ideology, circulating around the notion that the accumulation and analysis of large datasets offers a new form of a more truthful, accurate and objective knowledge of the world (2012: 663). No less contested than the term big data is the question of what is meant by ‘Hollywood.’ For the sake of this essay, the term ‘Hollywood’ serves as a metonymy for the American motion-pictures industry. As Scott (2005) notes, Hollywood as a term has come to stand in for ‘the largest and most influential cultural-products agglomeration in the modern world’, though it is by far not the only one (2005: 10).1 Yet, Hollywood has become the centre of the international film industry. Thanks to a strong pre-existing cluster and agglomeration effects that reinforce its position, the United States role as one of the largest film mar kets, the ability to create products that appeal to both a domestic and internationalShow MoreRelatedSociological Imagination Shapes Sociology1675 Words   |  7 Pagesthe known facts. The role of data is also important in sociology. Without data, sociologists are unable to back up their theories easily. Data and good data helps with proving whether or not something happened. Data is like facts. It would be comparable to someone being convicted of a crime. If the person is going to be found guilty, the prosecutor is going to need quality data to prove the person is guilty. Same is true with sociologists. If they don’t have quality data, then it would be very difficultRead MoreMethodology And Methods Of Quantitative Research1627 Words   |  7 PagesCHAPTER 3 3.Methodology 3.1Introduction The methodology’s aim is to give an outlined loom of how to extract and collects the grouped primary research data by way of responding to the research topic in the most appropriate manner. Notions and philosophies that emphasize the right procedures are taken into account in the way of effecting judicious methodology. The methodology area identifies, clarifies and explains the approaches that will be taken to lead primary research and confirms any misunderstandingRead MoreThe Years Annual Earnings1245 Words   |  5 Pagesto a close, I am pleased to announce this year s annual earnings. After another amazing year, Edge of Your Seat Entertainment reported a 9% gain in its film production segment. This increase was attributed to our expanding relationship in association with Focus Films, Lions Gate and After Dark Films in the launching of our latest blockbuster film Don t Turn off the Light!† Theatrical revenue generated from its October release grossed $36 Million domes tically in its first 6 week run. This was alsoRead MoreDebate of Globalization Essay825 Words   |  4 PagesGlobalization affects national sovereignty of both developing countries as well as developed countries. By sovereignty, we mean the independence of countries to make decisions and conduct policy in different areas like the economy, corporate and industry related legislation, environmental regulations, politics, etc. From the video, please provide one example each of how globalization infringes on the national sovereignty of, a) a developing country, and, b) a developed country? How, and through whichRead MoreWhat Is The Post War Era Of Cars1319 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"the 1960s saw the American automobile industry consolidating into the Big Three: General Motors, Ford, and chrysler. These firms not only dominated the domestic market with the sales of the 1960s cars, but the global market as well.† (An account on 1960;s car development). Once the war ended the amer ican market split into the big three which at the time were GM, AMC, and Ford. All three had smaller sub companies that also provided a steady source of income. The dominated the US market and the JapaneseRead MoreThe Impact Of Television On The Television Industry1222 Words   |  5 PagesIn the past, the television industry has always been looked down upon as compared to the film industry, but the landscape has changed. Television is now a main staple in the entertainment business. With the recent addition of Netflix and so-called â€Å"better content† on TV, the television industry is in a flux. For the first time, Nielsen does not have control over all television programming. In addition, because of all the changes and question marks surrounding the industry because of companies likeRead MoreToo Big to Fail: The 2008 World Financial Crisis and Its Aftermath1779 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿ Too big to fail: The 2008 world financial crisis and its aftermath The 2008 world financial crisis begin the banking and housing sector, but spread like a contagion through the entire economy. Many date the beginnings of the problems far back before 2008, back to the historically low interest rates put into place by the Federal Reserve in the wake of the last financial crisis. Interest rates plummeted after the boom and bust, followed by the attacks on the World Trade Center. ThisRead MoreTechnology s Impact On Food1452 Words   |  6 PagesThe film has received great reviews. Koons is recognized for the great film structure and for the information she shares with the audience. She appeals to pathos and logos to convince viewers of the danger GMOs have on our society. Although Koons presents different downsides of the use of GMOs, there are others who believe GMOs will be necessary in the future. Our population is rapidly growing and many people are concerned about how we would feed everyone. Agricultural technology now lets us produceRead MoreSony Prides Itself On Its Compelling Mission Statement1430 Words   |  6 PagesSony prides itself on their compelling mission statement: â€Å"Our mission is to be a company that inspires and fulfills your curiosity. Our unlimited passion for technology, content and services, and relentless pursuit of innovation, drives us to deliver groundbreaking new excitement and entertainment in ways that only Sony can. Creating unique new cultures and experiences. Everything we do, is to move you emotionally† Sony was first created in Tokyo, Japan in May 1946. The founders of Sony, then calledRead MoreEssay on Mass Com/340941 Words   |  4 Pageswell reasoned arguments c. can be negative or positive d. all of the above 2. Three reasons American media products dominate the global scene are a. diversity, the English language, and synergy b. freedom of expression, diversity, and big business c. freedom of expression, the English language, and censorship d. freedom of expression, horizontal integration, and big business 3. The American media and government are interrelated in three ways: a. Regulation, censorship, and elections

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Audit Checklist - 2770 Words

Appendix D Checklist for Review of Attestation Engagements Performed by the Office of Inspector General This Appendix includes guidance for reviewing the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG’s) attestation engagements conducted in accordance with Government Auditing Standards (GAS), Chapter 6, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA’s) Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE). When an auditor conducts an attestation engagement under generally accepted government auditing standards (GAGAS), the engagement must be conducted in accordance with the SSAEs and additional GAGAS standards. This appendix is not intended to replace auditor judgment, and while comprehensive, the peer review team may†¦show more content†¦(GAS, 3.09) | | | | | |If specialists were used, did the attest team assess their | | | | | |independence? If impairments were identified, did the attest team | | | | | |decline to use their work? (GAS, 3.05) | | | | | |Did the OIG determine that auditors assigned to the attest team are | | | | | |free of impairments to external independence in both fact and | | | | | |appearance? (GAS, 3.10) | | | | | |Did the OIG determine that it is free of impairments to | | | | | |organizational independence in both fact and appearance? (GAS, 3.12 –| | | | |Show MoreRelatedAudit Engagement Checklist11116 Words   |  45 PagesPrint Form 00-1 2009 General Audit Engagement Checklist 20,401 Section 20,400 General Audit Engagement Checklist Checklist for Review of Audit Engagements Contents Section I. The Auditor’s Report With Regard to the Auditor’s Report............................................................................................... II. General Audit Procedures With Regard to Client Acceptance .................................................................................................. With RegardRead MoreOhs Audit Checklist2498 Words   |  10 PagesAUDIT OF: DATE OF AUDIT: MAY 11, 2012 AUDITORS: Audit Participants: |Name |Position | | |Branch Manager | | |Assistant Manager | | Read MoreAn Advanced Seo Website Audit Checklist1606 Words   |  7 Pages An Advanced SEO Website Audit Checklist Easy to download, print, and check off as you go. A Top Level Overview Test number of indexed web pages - Typically businesses want their homepage showing as the first indexed result. Test for organic landing pages - Google Analytics can help you determine if the number of organic search results corresponds with a site search. Check Google s cache for top-preforming pages - You want to know that your web content is both indexed and displaying correctlyRead MoreEvaluating The Physical Environment Audit Checklist Provided1514 Words   |  7 Pagesstudent the opportunity to evaluate their own organization by utilizing the Physical Environment Audit Checklist provided. This list will help the student not only identify the purpose behind existing physical and security methods, but also identify opportunities to identify possible methods and procedures that would augment their organization’s security. To begin, the Physical Environment Audit Checklist (PEAC) is largely divided into categories that can be used to evaluate the current state of anRead MoreAudit Report Apollo Shoes Essay example1061 Words   |  5 Pages The firm of Anderson, Olds, and Watershed is pleased to receive your notification to proceed with the audit and look forward to working with you. From the Audit Committee meeting minutes, we understand that Apollo Shoes requires help with the yearly audit because the former CPA firm withdrew unexpectedly (University of Phoenix, n.d.). Anderson, Olds, and Watershed will conduct the audit and â€Å"prepare the state franchise tax returns as well as the federal tax returns† (University of Phoenix, nRead MoreExplain the Term Audit and Outline the Main Points of an Auditing Process.1201 Words   |  5 Pagesto a publication by N. Chesworth; the purpose of an audit is to assess if the business is physically capable of producing a safe product which is consistently high in quality and safety. It is also used to check legal constraints are met to an acceptable level using effective control methods ensuring consistent performance. Another constructive way the audit is used is to ensure certain measures are present to support due diligence defence. Audits are usually carried out continuously to highlightRead MoreInternal Control and Risk Evaluation1143 Words   |  5 Pagesfunction managers are principally responsible for administering the workflow, managing the computing environment, handling third-party services, and assisting users. Therefore, proper management of each of these responsibilities minimizes business and audit risks. Information Technology functions include security, input, processing, output, databases, backup, and recovery. Kudler’s internal controls is vitally important for the IT auditors to assess whether control risk is within a tolerable range orRead MoreBeginning the Audit Process1196 Words   |  5 PagesBeginning the Audit Report Peter Serunjoji ACC546 January 15, 2012 Arlette Peoples Beginning the Audit Report MEMORANDUM TO: Larry Lancaster, Chairman, President, and CEO of Apollo Shoes, Inc. FROM: Matrix Certified Public Accountants (MCPA) Inc., DATE: January 15 2012 SUBJECT: Beginning the Audit Report (Engagement letter, Engagement checklist, Outline of timeframes and milestones of the audit) Dear Mr. Lancaster, This letter is to confirm theRead MoreThe Sarbanes Oxley Act Of 20021423 Words   |  6 PagesThe audit world was transformed more than ten years ago due to a series of accounting scandals. This change took place when The Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002, otherwise known as SOX, was passed affecting not only business entities but also the firms that audit those companies (Thomas). One of the companies whose fraud was unmasked by the passage of SOX was HealthSouth Corporation. A company in the healthcare industry who had overstated about $2.7 billion dollars in earnings since 1996. The company’sRead MoreEnvironmental Impact Assessment ( Eia ) And Environmental Management Systems Essay1641 Words   |  7 Pagesto however, with no system emplaced to ensure that proper decisions are implemented and only the compliance audits that will correct such quality. Unlike EIA the EMS planning phase requires a system to be implemented to ensure that proper decisions are taken but it has does not have a comprehensive process to conduct the planning function. Just like the in EIA internal and external audits will be conducted to ensure the best quality and process was conducted (Arighi et al, 2012). For recognition

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My Environmental Worldview free essay sample

My Environmental Worldview. Now at the turn of the two centuries the mankind comes to grips with the sharpest global problems of the modern world menacing to the existence of a civilization and even of the life on our planet. Inability to foresee and to prevent negative consequences of scientific and technical revolution threatens to cause to fall the mankind into thermonuclear, ecological or a social disaster. In many cities and rural areas the present state of the environment can be called as an ecological disaster. And the number of these cities and rural areas is still being increased. We are almost on a threshold of the close global catastrophe. If the mankind doesnt give a priority to the problems of ecology and multiply efforts on preservation and restoration of the natural environment in its activity, probably it will soon collide with irreversible processes not only in the nature, but also in the evolution of the human being as a part of the nature. We will write a custom essay sample on My Environmental Worldview or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Everyone should know the problems facing to the mankind: Human population growth, waste management, sustainable development, energy, depleting forests, mineral, water, soil resources etc. Exactly the Earth topsoil represents the major component of the Earth biosphere. The significant value of the soil consists in accumulation of organic matter, various chemical elements, and also energy. The topsoil performs functions of a biological absorber, the destroyer and neutralizer of different contaminations. If this link of the biosphere gets damaged, the fully developed functioning of biosphere will be irreversibly disturbed. For this reason, studying of the global biochemical value of the topsoil, its present condition and change under the influence of an anthropogenous activity is extremely important. Almost all polluting substances which have originally got to the atmosphere finally appear on a surface of the land and water. Soil becomes polluted by various chemical matter, pesticides, and waste products of agriculture, industry and household enterprises. Chemical compounds getting to the ground accumulate and lead to its gradual alteration of chemical and physical properties, reduce number of living organisms, worsen its fertility. I think protection of the topsoil is one of the major mankind problems, as any harmful compounds placed in soil, sooner or later get to our organism. First, there is a onstant washing away of the pollution to open reservoirs and subsoil waters which can be used by people for drinking and other needs. Second, pollution from the soil moisture, subsoil waters and open reservoirs gets to the organisms of animals and the plants using this water, and however on a food chains gets to the human organism. But it isnt a unique problem connected to the soil. In the world there is a process of reduction of the cultivable lands in agriculture. One of major concerns is desert invasion. Deserts of South-West Asia, Northern and Southern America, Sahara are growing. I think that the first step in the decision of this problem is to protect the soil against erosion and the second one is increasing of its fertility. Land improvement (amelioration)  is a set of measures to improve soil and to raise its long term fertility. It includes: irrigation, draining, erosion control, a flooding, and fertilization. Land improvement must be carefully considered otherwise it can bring more harm, than advantage. Draining works should be carried out very cautiously; differently the shallowing of the rivers and lakes that receive nourishment from bogs can take place. The dry woods can be lost. It is necessary to observe norms and a mode of applying fertilizers both mineral, and chemical, differently there will be an intoxication of the soil with mineral salts surplus, washout of salts to reservoirs, blooming of reservoirs, fish kill. But there will be excessive harmful nitrates content to the human in cultural plants. Water is a basis of a life. Its main function is life support. Fresh water consists only 3 % from the total amount of hydrosphere on the planet and it is also distributed irregularly. Not only Africa suffers from the lack of fresh water, but also large cities of Europe, America and Asia. Water used by the human finally comes back to the natural environment. Thus there is a pollution of fresh water reservoirs rivers, lakes, land and coastal sites of the seas. According to the calculations of scientists, 25 thousand km3 of fresh water, or practically all accessible resources of such drain can be demanded for the dilution of these waste waters! For this reason and not because of the growth of a direct water intake this is the main reason of an aggravation of a problem of fresh water. Now many rivers belong to a number of strongly polluted: Rhine, Danube, Seine, Ohio, Volga, Dnepr, Dnestr, etc. Pollution of the World Ocean grows. And here not only pollution by runoff plays the essential role, but also a plenty of mineral oil penetration to seas and oceans. In whole, the most polluted inland seas are Mediterranean, Northern, Baltic, and also the Bay of Biscay, the Persian and Mexican gulfs. There are three kinds of water pollution biological, chemical and physical. In my opinion, resources of fresh waters can be increased by use of the closed circulating water supply at the enterprises. It is a blasphemously to use drinking water for the industrial purposes. Scientists suggest the desalination of sea water, runoff of river, gathering rain and thawed water in underground storehouses. I’m sure that closed in time water tap can bring its contribution to the struggle for preservation of water resources. In my opinion huge advantage in struggle for the water purification, can do nanotechnologies. For example, Petersburg scientist Petrik suggests using the absorbent created in his laboratory for clearing reservoirs of various kinds of pollution right up to radiation. In Petersburg tests of this substance at clearing waters of the river Neva from oil and fuel spots have passed. Productivity of this absorbent was the best. There is a natural resource which is necessary for the human as a land and water it is an air. But there is no, perhaps, such resource, except air, which absence would become an insoluble problem for the human less than in minute after its disappearance. It is known, that pollution of the atmosphere occurs basically as a result of the industrial, transport and other activity, which annually throws out in air more than billion solid and gaseous particles. Nowadays the basic polluters of atmospheres are carbon oxide and sulfur dioxide gas. But, certainly, it is impossible to forget about chlorofluorocarbon (Freon). The majority of scientists believe they are the reason of the formation of so-called ozone gaps in the atmosphere. Just due to the decreasing of ozone contents in the top layers of the atmosphere Physicians explain growth of a quantity of skin cancer. Fertile drops of a rain one more gift of heavens always pleased the human. But in some areas of the Globe rains have turned to a serious danger. Difficult and complicated in its decision problem of acid rains which perniciously affects on the nature of reservoirs, damages silva and agricultural crops. All these substances represent a certain danger to the human life. The main chemical pollutant of the atmosphere – is the sulfur dioxide gas isolated at burning of coal, slates, oil, at the melt of iron, copper, manufacturing of a sulfuric acid, etc. Sulfur dioxide is the reason of acid rains. The poisonous fog sharply worsening conditions of human life appears in industrial regions at the high concentration of sulfur dioxide, dust, and smoke in wet calm weather. This problem is of my personal concern. I live in a small town where there are 3 huge plants: cement, asbestos and brick-making. During a manufacturing process these plants throw out to the atmosphere the huge amount of harmful substances. More and more people in our town become ill with the diseases of lungs, allergy. In my opinion, modernization of the old plants by new equipment meeting the ecological requirements of manufacturing in the greater degree can solve a problem of air pollution. Transport occupies the second place after the enterprises polluting the air environment. Carbonic oxide and oxides of nitrogen are the principal causes of headaches, weariness, unmotivated irritation, low work capacity. In big cities diseases of blood circulation and breath, heart attacks, a hypertension and cancer are widely spread. Automobiles also add heavy metals and other harmful substances to the soil and air. Developers of machines work on the creation of an alternative fuel for transport. Solar batteries, electric machine and etc, completely harmless to the environment are proposed. I like the offer of the mayor of Paris who has proposed to use bicycles which anybody can rent for a small payment for the movement around the historical city centre. Forests play the major role in a normal function of the natural ecosystems. They absorb atmospheric pollution of an anthropogenous origin, protect the soil from erosion, adjust a normal surface runoff, interfere a decrease subsoil waters level and flood of the rivers, channels and water basins. Woods are â€Å"the lungs of the planets â€Å", and reduction of forests areas breaks the process of carbon cycle in biosphere. In spite of the fact that catastrophic consequences of deforestation are already widely known, it still continues. Deforestation entails the destruction of the richest flora and fauna. The human deplete the appearance of his planet. There are other global problems which can begin in connection with deforestation: desertification, soil erosion, â€Å"greenhouse effect â€Å". In my opinion the correct solution of this problem could be possible, if the mass deforestation is reduced, works on artificial forestation are carried out thus establishing balance of the carbon cycle. I think deforestation on big areas will increase the reflecting ability of the Earth. It will change wind current, air circulation. In the issue, in equatorial zones the amount of precipitations will be reduced, that finally will result to the desertification. The attitudes of the human to woodland of our planet need to change quickly. Deforestation is one of the reasons for the climate change. Global warming is the most serious ecological threat of the XXI century. The atmospheric emissions caused by a human activity, leads to essential increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Higher concentration of these gases increases the greenhouse effect, resulting in additional heating of the earth surface and lead to a global warming. I consider the main measure on the prevention of the global warming can be formulated this way: we should find a new kind of fuel or to change technology of the present kinds of fuel use. It means, it is necessary: To reduce the consumption of fossil fuel. To use filters for removal of emissions from chimneys of power stations, and also automobile exhausts; To demand, that more effective systems of heating and cooling were placed in new houses; To increase using of solar and wind energy; To reduce deforestation; To expand the areas of reserves and parks; To create the laws providing the prevention of global warming; identifying reasons of the global warming, monitoring and elimination of consequences. An important problem facing the modern world is population growth. Therefore experts of all worlds ecologists, sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists carry out a plenty of the researches concerning problems of the planet population, and the results are horrified. The popul ation of the Earth will increase on conditions that excess of death rates by the rates of birth. Now it occurs like this. The annual population growth varying from 1 up to 3 % seems small, but such parameters mean huge increasing of the population for the centenary period. Now the real way of an overpopulation problem decision is a regulation of the population. Governments of most developing countries try to cut down birth rate both by economic and family planning. Along with the population growth scientists mark a growth of number of a pension age people that is especially actual for the countries of Europe. One more remarkable problem connected to the population, is an urbanization and growth of cities. Plenty of people use automobiles more and more that demands large areas for roads and parking lots that lead to pollution of the environment and energetically inefficient use of the ground. So, these are the basic problems of the population at the present stage of development of our civilization on the Earth. They demand the fast solving, differently our life can become much worse. The more people are on the planet the more power resources they consume. Ecological well-being considerably depends on the reasonable development of power engineering of the Earth, because the half of all gases causing â€Å"greenhouse effect† is created there. The fuel and energy balance of a planet consists basically from pollutant oil, coal, gas. I think that in these conditions only the nuclear power engineering can be a solution, as it is capable in short terms to reduce the greenhouse effect. Replacement of coal, oil and gas by the nuclear power engineering has already given some abatement in emissions of Ð ¡ÃÅ¾2 and other greenhouse gases . The population grows affects the increase of the amount of waste products. Today per capita production of raw materials on the planet is about 20 tons a year which are processed using 800 t of water and 2. kW of power into products while 90 98 % go to waste. The domestic waste per person does not exceed 0. 3-0. 6 t a year. The rest is an industrial waste. As I see it the most acceptable variant of the decision of this problem to learn to recycle waste and to develop a new branch of industry. Here there are some ways of the decision: 1. It is necessary to change the practice of the general gath ering of refuse collection and to carry out its sorting in collection points. 2. It is necessary to create the enterprises for processing of sorted waste products and manufacturing the goods necessary for a society. 3. By the legislative way it is necessary to determine enterprises tax producing single use production, because they cause increasing of waste products volume. Sustainability is one of the major parameters of any systems, including ecological. It determines the ability of a system to maintain itself at the changes of an environment. In the context of this definition we can consider stability as a synonym of the term vitality. In other words the mankind must learn to â€Å"live within its means†, to utilize natural resources without undermining them, to invest money to insurance funding programs aimed at preventing catastrophic consequences of its own activity. This conception is based the fact , that if three fourth of the population of the Earth, nowadays living in poorly advanced countries, goes the same way of development as in advanced countries, the planet obviously would not stand such powerful consumption of its resources and pollution and inevitable ecological catastrophe will burst. At the same time I think it is impossible to blame developing countries for their desire to improve living standards of their fast growing population. I think that the one who pollutes the environment, basically, should bear expenses of eliminating the consequences. The assessment of a state of environment should be effected for reduction of the risk of damaging before a beginning of realization of the projects which can have undesirable consequences. Governments must cut or cancel subsidizing of that projects which do not conform to the purposes and sustainable development problems. The state of sustainable of a world ecosystem depends on as far as the mankind can solve global problems of the present and to prevent the occurrence of new ones. Nature protection is a concern of our century, the concern that has become social. Again and again we hear about the danger threatening to environment, but still many of us consider their unpleasant, but imminent product of a civilization and believe, that we still will have time to cope with all come to light difficulties. However influence of the human on the environment has accepted threatening scales. We need purposeful and carefully planned actions to radically improve the situation. About some possible ways of the decision of problems of environment I have already written. But has not mentioned in my opinion an important point necessities of attraction as much as possible number of people to struggle for preservation of nature. It is necessary to enhance work on informing of the population by mass media about concerns of a world scale what we have. The person must know what exactly he can do to prevent irreversible processes on the Earth. Introduction of ecological education in education of schoolboys and students of the higher school is necessarily. Everyone: the seller, the accountant, the driver, the politician must realize the responsibility for influence of the person on the nature. I consider, that an ecological concern one of the most important problems of mankind. The future of all planets depends on the decision of this problem. And already now people should understand and take an active part in struggle for world preservation. Each person should realize that Mankind on the verge of destruction, and our survival depends upon each of us.